US-DOE NICE3 Program

Development of the Maverick Inspection Robot was funded in part by the US Department of Energy "National Industrial Competitiveness through Energy, Environment, and Economics" (NICE3) program.
This innovative, cost-sharing program promotes energy efficiency, clean production, and economic competitiveness in industry.  The grant program provides funding to state and industry partnerships (large and small business) for projects that develop and demonstrate advances in energy efficiency and clean production technologies. Since 1991, NICE3 has sponsored 87 projects, with more than half going to small businesses.  NICE3 has leveraged $25.3 million in federal funds with $78.5 million in state and industry funds.
   Grants support innovative technology deployment that can significantly conserve energy and energy-intensive feedstocks, reduce industrial wastes, prevent pollution, and improve industrial cost competitiveness.  Industry/state partnerships demonstrate innovative technologies.  After the initial funding, the awardee is expected to commercialize the process or technology.
   Industry applicants must submit project proposals through a state energy, pollution prevention, or business development office.  Industry/state awardees receive a one-time grant of up to $425,000 for the proposed project.  Grants fund up to 50% of total project cost for up to 3 years.