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Congratulations to our 
1999 R&D 100 Awards Winners!

Read all about the winners in our September R&D 100 Awards issue. These winners have been recognized as the 100 most technologically significant new products and processes of the year by R&D Magazine.

 The Chicago Tribune has called these awards "The Oscars of Invention." Others have referred to the R&D 100 Awards as the "Nobel Prizes of Applied Research." Past winners have included breakthroughs like Polacolor film, the flashcube, the digital wristwatch, antilock brakes, the automated teller machine, the liquid crystal display, the halogen lamp, the fax machine, and Fruitrim fat replacer.

 The 37th annual competition saw outstanding entries from many of the most prestigious companies, research organizations, and universities in the world. The caliber of entries was truly exceptional.

 On behalf of the editors and staff of R&D Magazine and the 70 outside experts who participated in the judging, congratulations!

1999 R&D 100 Awards Winners

The following products are winners of the 1999 R&D 100 Awards.

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Introduction: 1999 R&D 100 Awards Recognize Technical Excellence
Analytical Instruments
Environmental - Solex Robotics - Maverick
DOE’s Oak Ridge Lab
Process Technologies
Thin Film

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180-Degree Miniature Fiber-Optic Bend
Acoustic Stirling Heat Engine
Advanced Direct-Contact Condensers (ADCCs)
Affordable, Robust Ceramic Joining Technology (ARCJoinT)
Allegro Screening System
Aqua-Port TM
Argonne Clean Diesel Technology
Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jet
Atomic Precision Multilayer Deposition System
AutoAuditorium™ System
Automatic Solid Phase Injector
Centrate Ammonia Recovery (CAR) Process
Compact Microchannel Fuel Vaporizer
Corning LEAF Optical Fiber
Cryogenic ZAWCAD
Cyro STXM 1
CZT Detector with SpectrumPlus 
Defthane ELT
Direct Injection High Efficiency Nebulizer
Electrodynamic Ion Funnel
ELITE enhanced polyethylene resins
ESR Gene Test for Improved Pig Litter Size
EXL Technology HPLC Injector
FOXY Fiber Optic Oxygen Sensor
Frostless Heat Pump
Galvanneal Temperature Measurement System (GTMS)
Gamma Watermark
Gregar Extractor
High Cycle Fatigue Machine (HCFM)
High Void-Fraction Multiphase Flowmeter
High-Power Diode-Pumped Solid-State Green Lasers (DPSSGL)
HR Heating Elements
INCA (Integrated NMR Chemical Analyzer)
INSTALARM Real-Time, Puncture-Detecting, Self-Healing Materials
Isofrax Thermal Insulation
Kinni-Mate™ Coupling
LaRC™-CP1 and LaRC™-CP2 polyimides
Large Area 3-D Surface Profiling Using Only Focused Air Pulses
Lasagna™ Process
Laservec Diode Velocimeter System
Lasette™, laser lancing device
Mechanically Fluidized Vacuum (MFV) Reactor for Bulk Powders
Micromechanical Quantum Detector (MQD)
Minispec, mq-series
Model 2002 Vacuum Gauge
Model 2182 Nanovoltmeter
Molecular Science Software Suite (MS3)
Montage Explorer
Motor Winding Method for Low Proximity Losses
Multifunctional Biochip
Nalco ULTIMER 1460
NetSolve 1.2
Oasis HLB-96-well Extraction Plate
Optical Modulator/Switch (OMS)
Optical Wavelength, 3-D Silicon Photonic Lattice
P2C™ Plasma Pressure Compaction
Parmod™ Inks & Pastes for Printed Circuits
PhaseAble Enabler
PowerMod™ Solid State Switch Modules
Plutonium Measurement and Analysis (PUMA) Fiber Optic Neutron and Gamma Ray Sensor
RABiTS™: Rolling Assisted Biaxially Textured Substrates
Radiometrics Microwave Profiler MP-3000
Rapid Identification System for Plastics Recycling
Rapidpoint400 Measurement Cartridge
Remote Clean
Renagel Capsules
Self-Cleaning Carbon Air filter
SH-4 (SH7750) Series Microprocessor
Solid-State Power Source for Advanced Accelerators & Industrial Applications
ST Family of Solar Modules (ST5, ST10)
STA 449-Jupiter
Sulfur Resistant Oxymitter 4000
Supercritical Fluid Slashing System
SWIFT (Spinning Wheel Integrated Force Transducer)
TC Probe™
TPAD: Temperature Phased Anaerobic Digestion
Tractrix Valve
Ultrafocus 2000
VIP-9 Amporphous Silicon Imager
VisEPM (Visual Enterprise Process Management)
Waste Fume Analyzer (WFA)
Wave Bioreactor

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Looking for the 2000 R&D 100 Awards entry form? We're changing the entry procedure and eligibility requirements. The new form will be available in November online (bookmark this page!). 

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